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dimanche 17 mars 2013

Best Chablis wines

Domaine Daniel DAMPT et Fils

Domaine Daniel DAMPT et Fils 


1, rue des Violettes
89800 Milly
Téléphone :03 86 42 47 23
Télécopie : 03 86 42 46 41
Email : domaine.dampt.defaix@wanadoo.fr
Site : www.dampt-defaix.com

Winegrowing of 30 ha, line of vine growers since more than 150 years, which make a point of preserving at their winegrowing a traditional family character. Very favorite for Chablis Premier Cru Beauroy 2009, a wine with the connotations of fresh white flowers and the yellow, unctuous with papillae, very harmonious fruits, to discover on morels. Also typified, Chablis Premier CruFourchaume 2008 is with prevailing of fresh flowers, of yellow fruits and lime, a fleshy and nervous wine at the same time, rich with the nose as in mouth. All in sweetness, Chablis Premier Cru Côte de Léchet 2009, with the aromas of lily and fresh almond, very full, with these subtle connotations, is well typified, rich in mouth. Chablis Premier Cru Vaillons 2009, with the subtle hazel nut and fresh fruit notes, is very well-balanced, very rich with the nose, suave, to enjoy on a pike. Remarkable Chablis Grand Cru Bougros 2008, matured out of barrels, of a great power with much of minerality, with the delicate pear and hazel nut aromas, of honey of acacia, white flowers, of a very great smoothness, a full and suave wine. Attractive Chablis Premier Cru Les Lys 2009, of nice golden robe, scented and persistent mouth, with musk and the fresh, tasty fruit notes. Nice Chablis 2010, and a very pleasant Petit-Chablis 2010, perfect on gray shrimps.


Sarl Alain GEOFFROY 

Nathalie Geoffroy
4, rue de l'Equerre
89800 Beines
Téléphone :03 86 42 43 76
Télécopie : 03 86 42 13 30
Email : info@chablis-geoffroy.com
Site : www.chablis-geoffroy.com

Alain Geoffroy perpetuates an ancestral know-how (since 5 generations, 45 ha). He knew to surround himself by a team young and impassioned to make evolve and perennialize this splendid family inheritance: its wife, Cathy Geoffroy (managing director), his daughter, Nathalie (sales manager France), the person in charge of cellar, Cyrille Mignotte, and directing export, Pascal Sailley. Beautiful Chablis Premier Cru Fourchaume 2009, of golden robe, with the nose of musk, firm and suave, vinous and very delicate at the same time, persistent, all harmonizes some with a brioche bread and peach final. Chablis Premier Cru Beauroy 2009, maturing in oak barrel (vines from 30 to 45 years, ground kimméridgien, traditional wine making out of thermobabbited tanks and maturing out of tanks), with the complex and powerful nose (acacia, fern, apple), which associates smoothness and structure, richness and distinction, a complex wine, all in persistence like Chablis Premier Cru Vau-Ligneau 2009, very characteristic of its soil, of a great aromatic complexity (dried fruits, toast), is very well-balanced, fleshy in mouth, perfect on a roast white meat. Visit their museum of the vine and corkscrew.

Sylvain MOSNIER Earl

Sylvain MOSNIER Earl 


36, route Nationale
89800 Beines
Téléphone :03 86 42 43 96 et 06 68 37 92 99
Télécopie : 03 86 42 42 88
Email : sylvain.mosnier@libertysurf.fr
Site : www.chablis-mosnier.com

Sylvain Mosnier initially started a career of automobile professor of mechanics. Grandson and back grandson of wine grower, it seized opportunity of settling in 1978 (at 34 years) following the retirement of his father-in-law who rented to him approximately 2 ha of vines in Chablisappellation. Today, Monique, his wife and Stéphanie, the girl, manage at her sides this winegrowing of 18 ha, whose vines are located on portlandien or an older layer called kimméridgien (1st vintages and part of Chablis). The whole explains this Chablis Premier Cru Beauroy 2009, with the intense nose (flowers, fruits, fern), very rich in mouth, a great success, charmer, dense and delicate at the same time, with the subtle citrus fruits notes, of narcissus and toast, a delicate and full wine, to envisage on a sea-bream. The 2008 is of nice golden robe, scented and persistent mouth, with these fresh, suave yellow fruit scents as it should be and of a nice spiced final. Chablis Premier Cru Côte de Léchet 2009 is tasted particularly well, a wine of round mouth, of a very good balance, at the complex connotations where the flowers prevail, very harmonious, one vintage flattering. Excellent Chablis Vieilles Vignes 2009, matured out of barrels, with the accents of citrus fruits, powerful and persistent mouth, beautifulrobe, a nice floral final.

samedi 7 juillet 2012




Mr Martinolle

11200 Lézignan-Corbières
Téléphone :04 68 27 10 45
Email : pierre.martinolle@domaine-martinolle.com
Site : www.domaine-martinolle.com

At the top, a family property since many generations, with a winegrowing of 45 ha. RemarkableCorbières Boutenac 2010, gold medal with the competition of Corbières, intense, with tannins very present, of a steady structure, very fleshy, with these nuances of black fruits jams, leather, undergrowth, promising color. The 2008, silver medal in Brussels, all in mouth, generous, quite fullbodied, a wine rich color, traditional, of beautiful matter, with quite firm tannins, the nose prevailed by blackberry and the undergrowth. The 2007, silver medal with the competition of Vins de Corbières, of intense color, with the powerful and persistent spice and black fruit nose, with well wrapped tannins, is a wine of rich and harmonious mouth. The 2006, gold medal with the competition ofVins de Corbières, very fullbodied, well typified as we like them, fleshy, very scented (morello cherry spices), a powerful wine, with dense and structured tannins, all stops some, very well-balanced, of slow evolution. Excellent white Corbières 2010, Vermentino and Bourboulenc, with the subtle nose (hawthorn, hazel nut), all in roundness and persistent in mouth, with a characteristic note of freshness, of a very nice final. Taste rosy Corbières full with the palate, with these notes of flowers and fresh fruits.

Château d'ANGLÈS

Château d'ANGLÈS 

Éric Fabre
Rivière Le Haut
11560 Fleury-d’Aude
Téléphone :04 68 33 61 33
Télécopie : 04 68 33 90 32
Email : info@chateaudangles.com
Site : www.chateaudangles.com

Wine grower since always, the experiment of Eric Fabre passes by eight years to the position of director Technique de Château Lafite Rothschild, but also by the rise of a winegrowing in Médocof less fame to the victory of Coupe of Crus Bourgeois in 6 years only. To be installed on the edges of the Mediterranean was a dream for a long time. The step is jumped when Eric and his Christine wife were under the charm of Anglès. Vineyard of 35 ha vines, adherent Terra Vitis. The winegrowing eliminated all insecticides as from 2009, and received its reasoned certification to the title of Agriculture. One can only appreciate this red Coteaux-du-LanguedocTerroir de La Clape 2007, fleshy, velvety, very scented, with these ripe fruit and undergrowth notes (strawberry, bilberry), of a beautiful fullness in mouth (35 gold medals since 2002, cheer!). Remarkable Coteaux-du-Languedoc Great wine Terroir de La Clape white 2009, with the delicate and persistent nose, where one finds notes of narcissus and almond, a perfect wine on a roasted fish. The rosy 2010, slightly spiced, brilliant robe, interfere nervousness and sweetness, a nice wine of a persistent final. Arranged in the Languedocien farmhouse of Château d' Anglès, stays it accommodates you all the year in a single environment, in the middle of the classified site, regional natural park of Massif of Clape.

Domaine de BARROUBIO

Domaine de BARROUBIO 

Raymond Miquel

34360 Saint-Jean-de-Minervois
Téléphone :04 67 38 14 06
Télécopie : 04 67 38 14 06
Email : barroubio@barroubio.fr
Site : www.barroubio.fr

With the edge of Parc Régional of Haut Languedoc, the Miquel family manages since the delicate one of XVè century the 60 ha which count the property, including 27 reserved for the vine. The modernity and the tradition of the techniques of work, associated with an intact environment, allow making of typified wines as they are liked. Red Minervois beautiful vintageJean Miquel Vieilles Vignes 2008 (ground argilo-limestone, southern exposure full, altitude 300 m, 80% Carignan and 20% Grenache, carbonic assembly of maceration and traditional wine making, 15 month maturing out of barrels), powerful in mouth, with firm and quite well-balanced tannins, the connotations of morello cherry and of smoked. Minervois red 2010, with the nose of plum and violet, is coloured and scented. Minervois Marie-Therese (75% Syrah and 25%Grenache, carbonic assembly of maceration and traditional wine making, 12 months maturing out of barrels) with these quite ripe fruit and spice aromas, extremely well matured, a firm wine and very scented, fleshy with the palate and of very good guard. There is also rosy Minervois, all in delicacy, with at the same time intense and subtle nose where intermingle the morello cherry blackberry and a spiced key. The Local wine d' Oc Muscat dry is a suave and dry wine at the same time, finely having a nice bouquet (white flowers, citrus fruits, honey). Taste the Muscat Saint-Jean-de-Minervois cuvée Nicolas (Muscat with small grains), resulting from old vines, with these fresh fruit notes and of acacia, mixing savor and distinction, harmonious like this soft 2010, delicate and suave Muscat, all charms some, very floral.



Earl des Vignobles Laburthe Renée et Benoît Laburthe
7, rue du 11 Novembre 1918
11700 Pépieux
Téléphone :04 68 91 41 38
Email : chateau.pepusque@orange.fr
Site : www-chateau-pepusque.leminervois.com

The vineyard extends on the first slopes from the Black mountain. Renee and Benoît Laburthe returned to work the vines of their grandfather, in 1986. Beautiful sure value with Minervois Les Terres Delicate 2009 (40% Grenache, 25% Mourvèdre, 20% Syrah and 15% Carignan), of powerful mouth, of beautiful matter, with quite firm tannins, the nose prevailed by the plum and the undergrowth, which have much structure. The 2008 are dense, combining structure and roundness, with tannins present, of rich and typified mouth, with the nose where prevail of the spice and blackcurrant notes, a long wine finally and of very good guard. The 2007, fleshy, of robe dark ruby, with the aromas of small black bays and humus, are a wine of elegant and very scented mouth, which requires a rich kitchen. The vintage Les Cailloux Blancs2008, pure Syrah, with nuances of violet and liquorice, rich color, quite traditional, combining smoothness and structure, a wine which continues its very beautiful evolution. Taste Minervois Les Gravettes 2010, of round and very scented mouth (violet, strawberry of wood), to open on an hare terrine, and this Perle of rosy, all in charm, combining roundness and nervousness, of a nice aromatic complexity where one finds nuances of yellow fruits fresh good ripe.



Magali et Guilhem Quartironi
Hameau Le Priou
34360 Saint-Chinian
Téléphone :04 67 38 01 53
Télécopie : 04 67 38 01 53
Email : quartironipradels@free.fr
Site : www.vins-quartironi.com

A family winegrowing since 3 generations, which currently counts 17 ha. Vines in schist slopes, which require many manual work. In order to limit the use of weeding the grounds are plowed. The treatments of prevention of the diseases are reduced to bare essential and correspond to the biological criteria. The grape harvest is manual on all the vineyard. Saint-Chinian fermented Haut Priou 2007 (80% Syrah the remainder in Grenache), is a matured vintage 12 months in half-muids, rich color as in aromas, with these delicate notes of ripe raspberry and spices, intense with the nose as in mouth, a quite fullbodied, firm and persistent wine, of guard. Taste Quartironi de Sars 2008, (majority Syrah, with 30% from Grenache and 10% Carignan), a concentrated but velvety wine, very scented, with these ripe fruit and undergrowth notes (strawberry, bilberry), of a beautiful fullness in mouth, very good evolution. Saint-Chinian cuvéeCampanil 2007 (majority Syrah, with 30% from Grenache and 6% Carignan), smells of raspberries and the undergrowth, associating wealth and melted of mouth.



Pierre et Michel Birot
Route de Puimisson
34490 Murviel-lès-Béziers
Téléphone :04 67 32 92 58
Télécopie : 04 67 37 84 49
Email : domaine@saintmartindeschamps.com
Site : www.vinsdusiecle.com/saintmartindeschamps
Site : www.saintmartindeschamps.com

At the top of the First Classified Great wines. Here, one is vine growers of father as son since 1675, and the winegrowing extends on 90 ha established on grounds exposed argilo-limestones full southern. Remarkable red Saint-Chinian Les Terrasses de Fontenille 2006 (prevailing Syrah and Grenache), all color and out of matter, with the nose of morello cherry and of smoked, with tannins present and ripe at the same time, an intense wine which mixes powerfull and fullness, where prevail the fruits cooked finally. Beautiful Saint-Chinian cuvée Mathieu 2004 (the name of the son of Pierre), integral wine making out of barrels of 400 L (French oak), after 40 day old maceration, the wines are joined together in the same barrels for a maturing which lasts 5 to 6 months, a vintage with equal shares of SyrahGrenache and Mourvèdre, of robe dark ruby, with the aromas of small black bays and humus, a wine of elegant and very scented mouth. There is also rosy Saint-Chinian cuvée Camille 2010, Camille being the first name of the girl of Pierre, in the leading bunch of the best rosy wines of the area, suave as it should be, delicate, frankly, of beautiful color, with the nuances of fresh flowers and spices. Saint-Chinian Tradition red, quite expressive of his schistous soil, is intense with the nose as in mouth, the cooked red fruit and spice scents, persistent, a wine which requires a little patience to benefit from its potential. Rosy Saint-Chinian 2010, resulting from bleeding, matured well 5 months out of tanks on the lees with a frequency of bâtonnages according to tasting, is dry andsuave at the same time, of a very delicate color, a wine with delicate exotic fruit aromas which develop with the palate much elegance. Excellent IGP d’Oc Domaine Saint-Martin-des-Champs Chardonnay 2010, with the citrus fruits notes, which allures by a little allied acidity with a nice roundness, very pleasant like the IGP d’Oc Domaine Saint-Martin-des-Champs Viognier-Chardonnay 2010, of a very delicate color, cordial, with the peach aromas of vine, and the IGP d’Oc Domaine Saint-Martin-des-Champs cuvee de l’Hermitage red 2008, prevailing of red fruits and silky tannins. Profit to take time to make the free visit of the wine storehouses with tasting, strolls pedestrian, circuit VTT, exposures of painting… and to benefit from their lists, remarkably located.



Françoise et Vincent Coste

30260 Cannes-et-Clairan
Téléphone :04 66 77 85 02
Télécopie : 04 66 77 85 47
Email : contact@costeplane.com
Site : www.costeplane.com

After studies of agricultural engineers, this couple was installed in 1982 on the family property, and exploits to date, about thirty hectares. “We cultivate this winegrowing in biological culture, one specifies,Nature mention and Progrès, since 1989, date where we passed in particular cellar.” Their red VDP d’Oc Pioch de l’ Oule 2009, gold medal with the National competition of Vignerons independent, intense robe, scented (morello cherry, smoked, scrub…), a wine fleshy, velvety, of a beautiful fullness in mouth, very good evolution. Excellent Arboussède rosy 2010, bronze medal with the National competition of wines biological, complex with the very aromatic of lily and strawberry, greedy, ideal nose on gambas. Very niceChardonnay 2010, bronze medal with the same competition, frankly, expenses and fleshy at the same time, with prevailing of dried fruits (apricot) and lemon grass.



Véronique Robin Cuculière

11700 Fontcouverte
Téléphone :04 68 43 40 01 et 06 82 00 50 66
Télécopie : 04 68 43 40 02
Email : info@domaine-mingraut.fr
Site : www.corbieres-bio.fr

Vineyard of 8 ha in organic conversion. The Winegrowing dates from delicate from XIXe century. It was built on part of the grounds belonging to the marchioness of Plaits who lived with her husband, the marquis of Nattes, with the castle of Fontcouverte. At the time, classified in “Arable lands”, these grounds were planted in vines between 1890 and 1910. The buildings of the Winegrowing were built at that time, one can read in Roman numerals on the wall of the cellar of wine making the date of 1889. Beautiful red Vin de Pays d' Hauterive vintage DM 2007, with these notes very characteristic and persistent of smoked, plum and spices, with full tannins. The vintage Rouge & Noir 2009, in biological reconversion, fleshy, with the nose of blackberry and humus, slightly spiced finally, a powerful wine and very structured, coloured, of good evolution. Very attractive vintage In Soleil 2010 (60% Viognier, 30% Chardonnay and 10% Muscat), a delicate and intense wine at the same time, of a pleasant roundness, where intermingle with the nuances of ripe fruits and honeysuckle finally. “Nice white, specifies Veronique Robin-Cuculière, cordial, fruity and aromatic. Much volume and fleshy, perfect for the summer in aperitif, very good behavior also with the white meats and cooked fish… of Sun still of Sun!” There is also Vin de Pays d' Hauterive Viognier 2009 (Grape harvest manual out of boxes, partial sorting, de-stemming, pellicular maceration maturing on the lees…), a full and scented vintage, combining smoothness and structure, a good roundness and a bouquet with the notes of white flowers and lemon grass. Eden red 2006 (ground limono-argilo-limestone, marnes gray and pink) is a wine with matter and tannins, with the nuances of fruits red and undergrowth, all stops some like theVin de Pays d' Hauterive Sensuelles red 2006 (95% Grenache, 5% Syrah), charmer and bulky, with notes of violet and liquorice.

jeudi 23 février 2012


Château d'ARDENNES

Château d'ARDENNES

François Dubrey

33720 Illats
Téléphone :05 56 62 53 80 et 06 08 99 27 95
Télécopie : 05 56 62 43 67
Email : contact@chateau-ardennes.com
Site : www.chateau-ardennes.com

Faithful to itself, red Graves 2008, resulting from vines treated without chemicals, charmer, marked well by his soil, is well scented, with complex notes where the spices and the humusprevail. The 2007, resulting from vines treated without chemicals, beautiful garnet-red robe, good base tannic, fleshy, supple and fleshy, with the nose prevailed by blackcurrant, leather and undergrowth. The 2006, rich color, is harmonious, with the nose of characteristic smallfruits red (prune, black cherry), dense and velvety, of complex mouth. Beautiful 2005, of beautiful color crimson, with firm and silky tannins at the same time, of fullbodied mouth, a robust, very traditional wine. The 2004, of full mouth, is full and silky, of a beautiful concentration but very delicate. Nice white Graves2008, combining powerfull and smoothness, with the nose of flowers and grapefruit, all in mouth.



Vignoble Bouyx

33720 Landiras
Téléphone :05 56 62 51 29
Télécopie : 05 56 62 41 47
Email : chateaudarricaud@wanadoo.fr

Excellent red Graves Prestige 2008, of beautiful robe intense, quite robust, well-balanced, with the nose as with palate, rich and round at the same time, scented, with the notes of ripe fruits, melted in mouth. The 2007, with powerful and silky tannins at the same time, is very scented, all in mouth, quite fullbodied, a tasty and complex wine. The 2006 is fleshy as they are liked, fleshy, quite robust, a wine with nuances of plum and violet, with the full nose, suave and powerful, combining a tannic good base with a persistent smoothness in mouth. The 2005, dense, with a strong color, is a very full wine, with the nose complex and subtle at the same time, prevailed by the morello cherry, basic tannic important and very well-balanced.



Thierry Yung

33640 Beautiran
Téléphone :05 56 67 05 25
Télécopie : 05 56 67 05 25
Email : vignobles.tyung@orange.fr

At the top of the Second Great Wine Classified. Beautiful red Graves Château Haut-Calens cuvée Spéciale 2008, a success, of full mouth, a beautiful garnet-red color pronounced, with notes of ripe fruits (blackcurrant and raspberry) and humus, quite robust. The 2007, with the powerful and subtle nose at the same time, with its scents of ripe fruits(blackcurrant, morello cherry) and a peppered touch, are tasted perfectly well. Excellent 2006, intense purple color robe, tasty and elegant, with ripe and very full tannins, a wine very pleasant by its suppleness, all in mouth, of a beautiful final. The 2005 is bright color, robust, elegant, all in mouth, with full tannins, an at the same time rich and supple wine, very well-balanced, with the intense bouquet with cooked cherry and undergrowth notes, of excellent guard. TasteBordeaux Supérieur Croix de Calens 2008, generous, well coloured, delicate and fullbodied at the same time, finely spiced, a wine all in mouth. Nice rosy Bordeaux Château Croix-de-Calens 2010.



Philippe Rochet

33210 Saint-Pierre-de-Mons
Téléphone :05 56 76 29 42
Télécopie : 05 56 63 52 31
Email : contact@la-rose-sarron.com
Site : www.la-rose-sarron.com

Classified very well, and can go up. The wine history of this property, dating from XIXe century, starts 25 years ago. This winegrowing is repurchased in 1985 by Vignobles Roland Belloc and entirely replanted. It is currently Philippe Rochet helped by his two children Damien and Anaïs which takes care of the perenniality of the vineyard which extends on 35 ha, including 25 ha of red Graves (5 ha intended for the production of Cuvée Damien, matured 12 months out of barrels of oak) and 10 ha of white Graves including 2 ha intended for the production ofCuvée Anaïs, vinified and matured 9 months out of barrels of oak. Red Graves Cuvée Damien 2009, rich and generous beautiful, with nuances of ripe red fruits (cherry, strawberry of wood), spiced, of solid and delicate structure at the same time, excellent guard. WhiteGraves Cuvée Anaïs 2009 is fleshy, subtle and suave mouth, very elegant, quite persistent, of a nice smoothness, very harmonious finally with nuances of fresh nut and lemon. Nice white Graves La Rose Sarron 2010, of mouth finely floral as it should be, with small notes of grapefruit and lily, a beautiful harmony, all in smoothness. Excellent red 2008, of nice robe steady ruby, prevailed by perfumes of blackcurrant and raspberry, structured and fullbodied mouth.



Évelyne et Alain Cailley
Rue de la Ruade - BP 28
33450 Saint-Sulpice-et-Cameyrac
Téléphone :05 56 30 85 47
Télécopie : 05 56 30 87 29
Email : alaincailley@wanadoo.fr
Site : www.vinsdusiecle.com/chateautoulouze
Site : www.chateauxcailley.com

Reached a very enviable place in classification 2011, which comes to reward a quality-price-typicité ratio. Winegrowing of 48 ha including 25 of vines. The grounds of Château Toulouze depended on a vast land unit, property of Château de Vayres. This last built in XIIIe century with the site of a Gallo-Roman oppidum which prevails the Dordogne, was one of the residences of the king Henri IV. Property in its current form, 27 ha of only one holding, buildings and vineyard, corresponds to what remains of a wine vast domain and maturing of more than 70 ha, built at the end of XVIIIe century, following the French revolution and dismantled gradually by the play of the successions. The vineyard completely restructured in 1986, starts to express the rise to power of the expression of the soil. That gives wines to the flesh fuller, generous, fruity but with impressed elegant tannins of smoothness. Well-balanced and harmonious wines, that one can taste young people after a ventilation out of carafe, but who offer according to the vintages an excellent potential of guard, from 10 to 15 years. Beautiful redGraves de Vayres 2008 (75% Merlot and 25% Cabernets), fleshy, of a beautiful fullness, quite well-balanced, which feels the strawberry of wood and the humus, of robust and supple mouth at the same time. The 2007 is rich color as out of matter, with the red noses offruits with core and spices, with a beautiful tannic base. The 2006 continue its evolution, with the complex and subtle nose at the same time, with notes of undergrowth and ripe plum, full and dense mouth. Excellent Bordeaux Supérieur Château Maine Martin (65% Merlot, 20% Cabernet franc, and 15% Cabernet-Sauvignon), scented (blackcurrant, strawberry of wood), of a beautiful structure, full and bulky, with molten and velvety tannins, quite fleshy as it should be. Rosy Bordeaux Château Frégent is very pleasant, combining roundness and nervousness, of persistent mouth.



Jean et François Bouquier
182, avenue de la Duragne
33850 Léognan
Téléphone :05 56 64 75 37
Télécopie : 05 56 64 55 24
Email : courrier@domaine-de-grandmaison.fr
Site : www.vinsdusiecle.com/domaine-de-grandmaison
Site : www.domaine-de-grandmaison.fr

A winegrowing of 19 ha resulting from an exceptional siliceous low register soil and the gravelly clays strewn with calcareous hardcores. Much liked their red Pessac-Léognan 2008, of deep color, structured, full, with rich tannins that bland well, of the aromas of quite ripe fruits(blackcurrant, morello cherry…), all finally, very promising. The 2007, of garnet-red color to the reflections purple, it is all in mouth, with much of structure, quite well-balanced, with the nose of cherry and humus, very elegant structure. The 2006, dense, where the morello cherry, the currant and the humus mix, with silky tannins, is quite fleshy, tasty and robust, of beautiful guard. The 2005, combining a tannic smoothness with a roundness in persistent mouth, is very aromatic, warm, fullbodied, of very good evolution. Remarkable 2004, of beautiful robe steady crimson, with the cinnamon and raspberry notes, of a great harmony, very scented, with a well balanced mellowness, generous and persistent. The 2003, of garnet-red robe, with the intensebouquet (notes of undergrowth and morello cherry blackberry), is of round and rich mouth. The 2001 is rich, charmer, marked by his soil, scented, a wine where the spices and the humus prevail, of excellent evolution like the 2000, with the nose persistent, firm tannins, well-balanced, fleshy, of a great fullness in mouth. Beautiful white Pessac-Léognan 2009, with these aromas of fresh fruits, roasted and flowers, combining nervousness and fleshy with the palate, a wine all in nuances and distinction. The 2008, with scents of hazel nut and honeysuckle, is firm and suave, all harmonizes some, really very pleasant. Excellent 2007, with this key of allied acidity to a pleasant roundness, where intermingle with the notes of almond, ripe fruits and heather, of powerful mouth. The white 2006, ofrobe of a beautiful yellow aspect and gold, where one finds scents of white flowers and hazel nut, and also of the nuances of fresh peach to the papillae, a tasty wine and charmer. The 2005 of beautiful color yellow scented with amber, is finely spiced, suave, elegant, quite persistent, of a nice smoothness, very harmonious finally with nuances of fresh nut and lemon.